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Link back to a site. Email us and tell us about your site, where you plan to place your link and which page on which site you wish to be listed. We reserve the right not to list your site.

Very important if you want have link in our directory!!!

  1. We are happy to exchange links with you, but we only accept reciprocal links. This means that you must add a link from your page to ours before we link back to you.
  2. We do not accept links from:
    • Link farms
    • Casinos
    • Pharmacies
    • Sites with adult content
    • Any site we deem inappropriate
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  4. Allow up to 10 business days for requests to be processed. We will notify you when your request has been completed.
  5. We link to user-friendly sites directly relevant to travellers only, with no exceptions.
  6. We reserve the right to reject any link request for any reason, and to remove any posted link for any reason.
  7. We reserve the right to edit link titles.
  8. We review all links on a regular basis to ensure the inbound link to our site is not deleted, the page is not excluded in the site robots.txt file and that the "no follow" tag is not used.
  9. We do not provide web authoring support for changes made to your website.
  10. One request per website.
  11. The back link page must be PR2 and above.
Please create a link to our web site with the following information:

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Freedom Travel Holidays is one of the UK's largest independently owned specialist tour operators, looking after the arrangements of thousands of clients each year, to a wide range of destinations throughout the UK, across Europe and beyond. All our departures originate in the UK and Ireland. Search & Book, Cheap Holidays, Last minute deals, city breaks, hotels and cheap flights.