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Cheap Turkey holidays. You choose the flights, the hotel and the duration of your holiday to Turkey. With live availability you can search.

Golden beaches, fine cuisine, and ancient history all constitute a true Turkish delight. Choose from first class resorts to tranquil seaside get-a-ways. On the other hand, why not sail the seas on a relaxing Turkish cruise.

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Ankara Weather Forecast, Turkey
Capital Ankara
Largest city Istanbul
Official languages Turkish
Currency New Turkish Lira | 1TRY = 0.42GBP
Calling code +90
Location Eastern Mediterranean. Located on two contitents Europe and Asia. The European part of Turkey is called Thrace, while the Asian part is called Anatolia or Asia Minor.
Area Total 783,562 km² | 302,535 sq mi
Population 70,586,256
Climate temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters; harsher in interior
Famous Landmarks Ayasofya Museum, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace, ancient City of Troy, Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Pergamon, Pamukkale, Goreme-Cappadocia, Mt.Nemrut, Safranbolu.

Recommended destinations for Turkey


Bodrum a picturesque town with pretty cottages and incredible nightlife. You will find many little resorts nestling up to the town including Gumbet. Izmir, was apparently the location of ancient Troy but these days you’re more likely to find many English friendly resorts such as Kusadasi.

On the Mediterranean coast, Antalya offers the contrast between the historic town and sumptuous beaches with resorts such as Alanya and Side proving to be consistently popular with visitors from across the world. Dalaman offers something for everyone from the buzzing bars of Marmaris to the bustling town of Fethiye, which offers a slice of modern Turkish life.

Olu Deniz is famous for its stunning beach & mountain range nearby you will find a National Park giving you an option to recuperate when beach inactivity gets too much while sophisticated Icmeler offers great nightlife and beach life.


Where Europe meets Asia’, you will find that Turkey reflects the influences that both continents has had upon its culture in unique and surprising ways. It is also renowned for golden, sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and a popular night-life, as well as ancient ruins and historical buildings.

Turkey has over 5,000 miles of coastline to choose from. Nestled against the Black Sea, The Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea; all are renowned for their cleanliness, their warmth and the abundance of marine-life that they host.


When you travel to Turkey don’t forget to sample the local cuisine. Mouth-watering smells drift across the pottery-strewn hills at meal-times and you could find yourself enjoying a leisurely dinner of a variety of world-famous kebabs, fresh fish grilled on a barbecue or ‘pilav’: a traditional rice dish that is said to be un-cookable outside of Turkey. And if you’re feeling brave, you could try a glass of the local anise-based ‘lion’s drink’ – or Raki, as we know it.